Tuesday, December 11, 2007


by Stan C. Countz

Everyone is in their places and they've taken their seats
It seems to me a sea of faces are staring out at me
It's the stuff of dreams and the crowd seems to be waitin’
To be anticipatin’ and wonderin’ what’s happenin’ to me?
I’m tryin’ to figure out if the crowd is laughin’ at or with me…

Will my butterflies line up in rows if I don’t swing the bat?
Wonderin' if I'll hit the note or will I go sharp or flat?
Pardon me while I clear my throat so I can sing my song.
Will I get it right right off the bat or will it all go wrong?
Will they sit and stare or stand and clap and sing along?

Will they like my poetry or should I stick with prose?
Will I hit the highs and lows or should I strike a pose?
Will they miss the point or will it hit ‘em right in the nose?
Will I rock the joint or will my chance go up in smoke?
Will I steal the show? This is what I wanna know…

Anticipation builds as the room begins to fill
They’re holdin’ their breath and finally sittin’ still
Should I practice one more time or should I chill?
No one knows what to expect or just what to feel
Will they reject me or will they really be thrilled?

The acts are many and various; funny and hilarious
But I think this is the scariest thing I’ve ever done
This may be shockin’ but my knees are knockin’
Hope the show won’t be floppin’,‘cuz there ain’t no stoppin’ me
There’s no toppin’ this feelin'; rockin' and reelin'
Dancin’ on the ceilin' and feelin’ fine and free

Movin’ and groovin’ and on a roll, the band playin’ behind me
Singin’ out my heart and soul; hopin’ someone big will sign me
Never really know what we have; the only time we have is now
Won’t know if we're good enough ‘til it’s time to take a bow
Where we're standin' we'll never know ‘til the standin' ovation

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