Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Original lyrics by Stan C. Countz

I hear the Spirit weeping. His voice rings loud and clear.
The Father isn't sleeping, He'll wipe away our tears
And calm our foolish fears. His promise He is keeping
Your cries for help He hears; He holds them for safekeeping
We're wasting bitter tears; our silent cries He hears.
So much for sowing and reaping, we're chasing our careers.
Let him with ears to hear, be of good cheer...
Nothing is as it appears. It's time to face my forgotten fears
To taste the bitter tears that time can't erase;
I can't keep from crying for this crazy mixed up place.
With all its death and dying, I feel the need for your embrace.
I can't keep from trying to win the race. I can't keep up this pace.
I've had a fear of flying so I simply run in place, afraid to fall from grace
Friend, the end is drawing near. We'll disappear without a trace.
And through the passing years, I've begun to hear
His still, small voice giving me a choice between faith or fear.
Nothing is as it appears.

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Stan said...

Let me know what you think of this lyric.

- Thanks

Stan C. Countz

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